Why Do Democrats Despise Patriotism?

Why Do Democrats Despise Patriotism?

The fact is that democrats love their own form of “patriotism” because it is divisive of America’s Constitutional Republic. Modern democrats are patriots of a socialist revolution in America that they consider to be a new path to American greatness.

You may have noted that democrats sat silently, scowling as if savoring a fresh cow-pie in their laps, during President Trump’s entire recent State of The Union address.

A few democrats occasionally tried to rise and applaud Trump’s widely beneficial accomplishments during the first year of his Presidency: Tax Cuts, record-setting economic gains, very low unemployment among minorities, and much more. But, they were intimidated into sitting back down by democratic leaders.

See the following video for an amazing list of President Trump’s first year accomplishments and goals for the future.


The socialist democrats hate and vilify the patriots of America’s Constitutional Republic because they threaten to destroy the democrat’s political power and their ongoing attempt to foment an American socialist revolution, by hook or by crook.

The question posed by the excellent article at the end of this blog is:


The democrats despise America’s traditional patriotism because it melds people together in celebration of a common love, common goals, and a coordinated effort in support our Constitutional Republic, which is the antithesis of democratic socialism.

The leftists, socialists, communists, so-called progressives that make-up the current democratic party all seek to divide America’s  citizens into warring factions.  They gain votes by creating conflict between the classes of what they sell as “disenfranchised” citizens and they encourage them to hate those who have been successful in America. 

This is the age-old strategy used to stimulate revolutions in many societies. It is nothing new. The so-called proletariat, i.e., the “have-nots'”, are set against real or perceived royalty and the so-called bourgeoisie, i.e., the “haves”,  resulting in political revolutions normally fed by the blood of both traditional patriots and revolutionary patriots.

A patriot can be defined as someone who: “vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies and detractors”.

Among the citizens of any country, patriotism can become a matter of individual’s political perspectives on what is best for their country, its citizens and perhaps the world.

Patriotism is something now claimed by those supporting America’s Constitutional government and also by those supporting its replacement with socialism as a new path to American greatness.

The hateful faces and actions of democratic leaders, during and following President Trump’s State of the Union address is a reflection of a stalled American socialist revolution. An American socialist revolution now badly damaged by the election and successes of President Donald Trump.

Wake-Up America! Can you see this?!

Please evaluate the following.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/4/18

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