Lou Holtz on Protests and Professional Sports

Lou Holtz on Protests and Professional Sports

I am in agreement with Lou regarding the contamination of professional football , or other professional sports, with political protests by players.

In America, sports has always been a venue for entertainment, relaxation, and a nice escape from common stressors of life. Most fans turn to exciting sports for pure joy and entertainment.

Professional sports is a business. At its core, it is a business like any other business. The employees are free to protest as they wish…on their own time. As can we all.

Imagine what would happen if the employees of various other businesses staged political protests while salaried and during working on the business premises.

With very few exceptions ( the entertainment media and musicians among only a very few), the protesting employees would  be fired pronto…and rightly so!

Lou didn’t say it, but I must: Owners are “trapped” by their fear of the massive financial losses to them if they were to sanction, or fire, their best athletes for their political shenanigans on the fields of employment.

I believe that the owners have considered that their financial losses with protesting athletes will be less than their financial losses should they exercise their right, make that their responsibility, to stop their employees bad behavior, one way or another.

I learned a long time ago that “if you don’t understand something  just follow the money.”

As for me, I am boycotting teams that allow their employees to protest during games.

Here’s Lou!

VTM, 1/6/18




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