Islamic Immigration: Cultural “Russian Roulette”!

Islamic Immigration: Cultural “Russian Roulette”!

Wake-Up Damn-Fool Liberal Americans!

There is no such thing as an Islamophobic. Do not be intimidated by this label.

For any fear to be called a phobia, first and foremost it is required that the fear be baseless. A phobic fear must be an irrational fear of some person, class of persons, other animals, objects or situations that are generally harmless. 

The argument could be made that an many Islamic persons are harmless. But there is accruing strong evidence that the influx of Islamic populations into non-Islamic cultures is way too frequently dangerous and harmful to the receiving population and their culture.

Strong evidence is also accruing that the children of Islamic Immigrants are at a heightened risk of being radicalized into murderous Islamic Terrorist operatives. This means that increased “vetting efforts” will too often fail to protect the host citizens from the murderous Islamic terrorist attacks now so much in the news in America and from all around the world

There is also strong evidence that a large percent of Islamic immigrants do not integrate into their new host cultures. They instead tend to cluster into densely populated areas (often named ghettos) that live by Islamic Sharia Law and are hostile to citizens and officials of the host society. In some countries, it is now reported that police and firefighters are afraid to enter these areas and that illegal activities become rampant in these enclaves.

As shown below, there are many more problems for societies that have accepted Islamic refugees and Immigrants.

Beware of radical-liberal-progressive “Political Correctness” and other forms of propagandistic thought-control now so common in America! 

This blog is the first of a series in an attempt to provide reliable information about the damage done to other countries who have tragically opened their borders to Islam.

Wake-Up America, don’t let the following happen to you and your loved ones!

Take time to face reality. Then please vote accordingly.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 11/19/17


  • Close to 30,000 Immigrants to U.S. from Terrorist States

  • Praying Muslims Take-Over Paris Streets.

  • Many of Sweden’s Female “Infidels” Raped and Beaten.

  • Muslim Gangs Use Tasers to Rape School Girls in Great Britain

  • U.S. Troups in Muslim Country Trained to Accept Pedophilia Traditions!

  • Hundreds of Christian Churches Damaged in Germany (In Just one Area).

  • Muslims Vandalize Hindu Temple

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  1. Mahalia Says:

    It’s good to get a fresh way of lokoing at it.


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