Can America’s “Melting-Pot” Accept Muslims?

Can the America”s “Melting-Pot” Accept Muslims?

The following article provides some evidence that the largest percent of immigrant Muslims are appropriately becoming Americanized; meaning that they are learning our language, accepting our laws and Constitutional forms of government.

I will hope this is so. I have known several Muslims who have been dear and wonderful peaceful people. But, at least two told me they have no interest in adopting America’s social culture.

Nevertheless, the facts remain that there is a recent history of horrific terrorist attacks by first and second generation Muslim immigrants, and those Muslims that are in America temporarily.

Furthermore, we have credible reports of Muslim terrorist training camps in the U.S. (please search my blogs on this topic). Also, anyone who is connected to world events should be well-informed the stunning increasing rates of Muslim Jihadist activities, both political and violent, in Europe and around the world.

Some experts believe that Europe will become an Islamic Union in time.

And there is evidence of Islamic Jihad inroads in America. My ongoing research reveals that there are dis-proportionally increasing incidences of illegal behavior perpetrated by immigrant Muslims in America including the genital mutilation of females; drug activity, polygamy, creative and complicated scams, welfare fraud, and developing Islamic “No-Go Zones” in the U.S., similar to those common in Europe. There are also regional large political gains and take-overs with creeping Islamic Sharia law traditions.

I must therefore be skeptical of the “more hopeful” article on Muslim immigrants blending into the American “melting pot”.

Therefore, I must urge that America adopt President Trump’s “extreme vetting” for all Islamic immigrants. It is important to remember that Islam is not simply comprised of a religion, it also represents a political system that is incompatible with our own.

To be fair to all, including ourselves, I will urge that America Adopt an extreme vetting processes for all immigrants. Methods similar (though perhaps more humane) to those that America used in the days of Ellis Island would help ensure that immigrants are a benefit to America and not a great drain upon its limited resources.

I present the following article for your informed consideration.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 9/5/17

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2 Responses to “Can America’s “Melting-Pot” Accept Muslims?”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    Since the adoption of the “United States Constitutional Republic” 1787 and the “Bill of Rights” only 17 amendments have been appended to this venerable document.None (amendment(s)) initially nor forth coming in the years hence have been adopted pertaining to immigration.
    Existing today 545 persons,governing 320 million,most of whom have no desire to establish a 28th amendment outlining the practice,policy,procedures for aliens to become citizens of our country.
    These mostly 545 are rooted, varying degrees, in progressivism. Meaning the scientific administrative approach would be antithetical to our existing form of government as would be the encroachment of current Muslim culture. This additional color is an unforeseen dilemma which must be dealt with in conjunction of the continued takeover of the progressive tide sweeping the country this very day.
    Make no mistake America this Progressive avalanche is real and ‘EVIL”.It threatens the very existence of our way of life as intended by our Forefathers.


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