A Second American Revolution?

A Second American Revolution?

I was astonished when my 19-year-old Grandson said that he never had a high school course in American Government.

When I graduated high school in 1960, American Government was a required course for graduation!

Any society that fails to teach its own culture to its children is bound to fail of self-inflicted wounds.

This should be a self-evident truth (though in college, I was taught that there are so such things).

I decided to see if this failure to teach our children our own culture was a general trend in America. Sadly, and fearfully, it is!

If one assembles and evaluates the many anti-American events that have unfolded in America in recent history, it is hard not to perceive a terrifying “big picture”.

It is a picture of sustained and incremental attacks upon all components of Western Civilization everywhere in the world and now in America. Many of these attacks are coordinated by subversive socialist/communist political initiatives and radical Islam. Many appear also to come from our own elected and appointed “deep Government”, bent upon implementing radical liberal/socialist practices.

Perhaps such initiatives are not so coordinated as they appear. Some may think it is just a confluence of converging events.

Whatever is the case, the American Republic is now in grave danger of destruction and I fear that most citizens appear not to see this distinct possibility.

Therefore, the danger of our sociocultural demise increases exponentially.

There are a great many components to the forces of America’s destruction. I will attempt to identify many of them in my blogs to follow.

For now, understand that not teaching the true history, workings and values of our own culture to America’s children is nothing less than cultural euthanasia.

Please read the following.

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/18/17






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