Sanctuary Cities: Why?!

Sanctuary Cities: Why?!

Have you ever wondered why America has sanctuary cities?

I have…and I cannot understand why it is an advantage to anyone’s city, state or America’s entire socioculture.

Even if I could identify any advantages (increased birth rate, cheap labor, increased church membership, new voters for the Democratic Party, making the Republican Party look weak and ineffective, or perhaps justification for new federal funds for law enforcement, etc., etc.); none of these so-called “advantages” makes sanctuary cities the right thing to do.

Of course there are many practices that could advantage an individual’s or various organizations, but  are likely to damage their ability to collectively and peacefully live and work together. More importantly, there are practices that advantage some, but over-time will damage the entire socioculture’s ability to remain viable for long-term survival. 

From a Judeo/Christian perspective, things that advantage a person, city, or a nation are not always moral or ethical. 

Why do some cities insist upon providing “sanctuary” for criminal illegal aliens. 

Sanctuary cities do not appear to be based upon morality or ethics because thir practices harm to those who do it in both the short-run and the long-run.

After-all, the attraction of these alien criminals and the costs of dealing with them were not the responsibility or failings of America. So, why should America, via its tax-payers, bear the great and painful consequences of having to deal with them?

This begs the question: What are the consequences of recruiting and protecting criminal aliens from deportation?

There are many and the bad consequences outweigh the good ones.

Some argue that there are good illegal aliens who are attracted to sanctuary cities. This is no doubt true. However, the Trump administration has made clear that it will not deport those who have not become criminals. 

Therefore sanctuary cities do not benefit law abiding, hard working “good” Illegal aliens.

All that remains are the short and long-term bad consequences for America.

The most obvious immediate bad consequences are increases in all sorts of crimes including, murder, drugs, extortion, and other forms of violence including highway fatalities.

Less observable delayed bad consequences are increased tax-payer expenses for law enforcement, judicial, jail and prison costs, etc..

Furthermore, illegal alien criminals make babies! Therefore, another even more delayed consequence is that future tax-payers will be hook on-the-hook for the children who are left behind when criminal aliens are imprisoned (or perhaps extradited). These children are likely going to be raised under less than desirable circumstances…increasing the likelihood that they will lead a lives of dependency on tax-dollar support and criminal incarceration .

It does not take a genius to identify all of these immediate and  long-term consequences…so why do sancuary cities still exist?

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