Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–Republic Within!

Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–Republic Within!

We need a police state on our borders and a true Republic within them. 

Vigilance and strong action is essential if we are to save ourselves from the tragic fate of Europe. 

Stop Islamic immigration until we are able to sort out those who will acculturate to American culture from those who will not. 

Understand that diversity has limits beyond which it has destroys democracies through all history.

Understand further that those who argue that it is not Islamic immigrants who are doing most of the terror seen in Europe, but rather second generation Muslim citizens—that this remains a fact and does not mitigate the original fact that Islamic citizens bring with them a grave danger to the accepting socioculture.  

Those that use this argument against halting open immigration of Islamic’s are simply unable to think 2o years into the future. 

In twenty years, only one generation, citizens of Islamic origin have a heightened likelihood of committing terrorism in the name of Islam!

Wake-Up Liberal America! Try thinking for a change.

Please go to the following web site to understand the nature of the free-worlds current enemy!

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