Trump Protects Religion from Liberal/Secular Attacks!

Trump Protects Religion from Liberal/Secular Attacks!

One of the factors often associated with the decline and failure of the world’s cultures through history has first been the decline and loss of their founding, and sustaining, religions.

This has been a major feature of the continuing decline of America, one of the last and failing bastions of Western civilization

Trumps protection of all religious rights, including Christians, to speak-out about political practices is a good thing for America.

My endorsement of this religious liberty does not extend to any religion that advocates violence, terrorism, or the supplanting of the U.S. Constitution their own religious laws, I.e., Sharia Law, etc.

See the following for Trump’s most recent courageous defense of America’s Founding values.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  5/8/17

P.S. To see other blogs on this issue of “Separation of Church and State”, enter this phrase in my search box at the top right of this page and press return.

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