The Facts On Trump’s Deportations

The Facts On Trump’s Deportations

Illegal Immigrants are here because, for decades, America has looked the-other-way and not properly guarded its borders.

That means it is not the fault of the illegal immigrants struggling for a better life for themselves and love ones.

What would you do if  you were poor and on the other side of an unguarded border was a land of plenty?!

This is my position and I believe it is the position of the majority of Americans.

However, there have been many bad illegal Immigrants who are now in our prisons, who are being apprehended for crimes, and who are involved in gang activities, or even terrorism and other actions hostile to traditional America.

I will presume short-range selfish motives on America’s part as reasons for our long open-border policy. Such motives could be: A low-wage labor force; the bolstering of our declining birth rate; an increase in taxes to the governments; an increasingly popular one-world government political philosophy, and an increasingly popular desire to deconstruct, or “transform”, America….are some of the reasons.

Of course the flood of illegal immigrants over our borders exacts some big very negative long-range consequences: Indigenous blacks and other poor minorities are displaced in the work-place and they fall further into poverty and onto welfare roles; the illegal immigrants are commonly poor, under-educated and cannot speak our language so they too often require expensive financial, educational, housing and medical assistance; some proportion of illegal immigrants are criminals and look for new and more lucrative criminal opportunities; some portion of illegal immigrants will not acculturate and will therefore feel alienated from mainstream America and will not behave in ways that serve America’s best interests.

Do not forget that some inestimable percent of illegal immigration involves those who desire the inflict terror on America in order to transform it to an Islamic Nation, a socialist/communist nation, or anything other than who we historically have been.

I support the swift deportation of these bad people and I will bet that most Americans do also.

However, It is only fair, moral and ethical, that those “illegal” immigrants who have acculturated into America’s social and economic systems and who have conducted themselves in honorable and responsible ways be allowed to stay here and pursue a properly demanding path to citizenship.

But sadly, much that is happening in America over these issues of immigration is not honorable and it is not moral.

A large segment of the media is dedicated to open-border, one-world government and they are lying to America in order to shift public opinion in favor of revolutionaries and the progressive/socialist/one-world politics of some Republicans, most Democrats and anarchists.

The following video is but one example of the kind of scurrilously dishonest media shenanigans the main-stream media is perpetrating upon us all.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.       1/18/17

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