Stop Islamic Immigration #I

Stop Islamic Immigration #I

I am starting a new series presenting the reasons why America should now cease Islamic immigration.

The reason is very simple. We are at war with Radical Islam and we cannot tell the difference between good Islamic people and bad ones. If Islamic people are in danger from other Islamic people the U.N. should protect them near where they are.

Please consider my blog defining good and bad Islamic people.

We are now in World War III.

It is stupid and self-defeating to allow immigration from countries we are at war with. The great problem is new. In this war it is not a particular country that is the enemy, it is countless people with a horrible ideology that have infiltrated a great many countries in the quest to TRANSFORM THEM TO THEIR OWN RADICAL ISLAMIC THEOCRATIC BELIEF SYSTEM.

In a Theocratic System governmentally enforced strict rules for living are  imposed by priests of a particular religion: It is exactly what our Founding Fathers fought against! This is a governmental system strongly forbidden by America’s Constitution.

When it comes to Islam, it is not possible to tell who is not the enemy. It is not possible to tell who is not the enemy who will later be radicalized and secretively become the enemy. It is not possible to tell who is not the enemy, but who’s children will long for their historical identity and be radicalized by our Islamic internal and external enemies.

These are the experienced facts of modern American life during WWIII.

It is irrational (Pathological Denial) and patently Un-American to self-destructively disregard these blatant facts.

The following video will illustrate the facts of which I speak.

If this does not break your heart…few things will. This is an authoritative lesson on one class of the ways that cultures have always killed themselves.

If you are to be a culturally rational and educated person, you must study this presentation.

Wake-Up Stupid Liberal America, you are next!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      2/12/17

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