What’s in an Islamic Handshake?!

What’s in an Islamic Handshake?

More than we naive Westerners would ever suspect!

A great many of our laws are perfectly incompatible with those of Islam’s Theocratic Sharia Laws.

To resolve conflict over a Sharia Law within Islam requires a rather quick decision by the local or regional governing religious body.

However, in most non-Islamic nations, matters of legal disagreement can be bound-up in court systems for a very long time, especially with extensive appeals processes. This is particularly true in America.

One method of stealth (sneaky) Jihad is to flood a society’s court systems with challenges designed to allow small units of Islamic religious Sharia Law to eventually be integrated into the host culture’s existing laws.

This is an important Islamic strategy for not only impairing a host culture’s legal system, but also transforming (to use Obama’s word) the host culture into an Islamic culture in an incremental fashion.

Incremental changes have the advantage of moving in a slow methodical fashion that is less likely to arouse heated opposition within the indigenous population. As time and generations (every 20 years) go by, the population becomes accustomed to the legal/religious changes that become the slowly evolving fabric of the new culture.

Add this to the Shariah-based high reproductive rate of Islamic populations; their tendency to aggressively inculcate their theocratic rules into their young: their tendency to form social enclaves that brutally rule their immigrated populations; their strong general resistance to acculturating into their host cultures…….and you have the death, “by a thousand cuts”, of the host culture.

European and Scandinavian cultures have all but committed suicide by Islamic Immigration.

Liberal fools and anarchist revolutionaries in America are bent on following these same self-destructive immigration patterns.

The following is just one of countless examples of the Islamic method of the diabolical “Death by a thousand cuts” to their host cultures.

Please read the following to see what I am trying to warn you against.



V. Thomas Mawhinney,   2/11/17

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