ISIS Radicalization of Children In Europe

SIS Radicalization of Children In Europe

It is axiomatic that children are more controllable and generally more malleable than adults. They have been the target of most totalitarian states that I have read about, bent upon the subjugation of entire societies.

So it now is with that totalitarian state called ISIS, attempting to subjugate Europe.

Once a small core of radical Islamic’s gain access to an “infidel nation”, they begin to exert their legal political and illegal underhanded influences in countless of diabolical ways. The new host country is consumed by efforts and expenses involved with trying to stave off the  many new Islamic initiatives to transform their society.

For societies teetering on the brink; decline and collapse into Islam is a near certainty.

America, watch what is happening to Europe and other nations now infested with Radical Islam. It is a slow death. I am reminded of a pitiful skeletal coyote I once saw in the woods. It was slowly and painfully dying of an infestation of fleas and mange. 

America, you had better wake-the-hell-up!

Please read the following and come under the control of reality.

P.S. Trump is right about Islamic Immigration from ISIS hot spots!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/7/17

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