Hysterical Brainless Feminism (HBF): New Form of Behavioral Pathological Contagion

Hysterical Brainless Feminism (HBF): New Form of  Behavioral Pathological Contagion

Perhaps you recall decades ago when feminists could intelligently articulate their main goals. Back then, some of their goals made sense!

Behavioral Contagion is an old psychological phenomenon that I have redefined and researched for years. My redefinition makes Behavioral Contagion a “field theory” because it incorporates a great many well-researched and understood general principles of psychology. I will not present my technical definition, and explanation of behavioral contagion in this blog because it is just too full of specialized jargon.

So let’s try to be practical: Behavioral Contagion is the spread of particular Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions, within a population, through various avenues of  contact with the human and natural environment.

The avenues of human contact with the environment are many. Human psychological features are very malleable and they are changed through dynamic mechanisms of psychological, biological, social, political, and economic experiences and principles that orchestrate probable outcomes.

These psychological events can spread among a perceiving population in well-known and well researched ways. The following are just a few, of  a great many, examples.

People influence each other when they talk to one another; or when they communicate through social media or perceive various forms of  entertainment/news media

Another very powerful mechanism of behavioral contagion is simple observation and imitation. 

People are very keen at observing others and imitating their behaviors. They tend to imitate others who are attractive to them, such as celebrities (entertainment, sports, religion, etc.), or have the power to reward or punish them. People tend to imitate others who they see, or somehow learn, have gotten handsomely rewarded for their actions with big consequences (Power, control money, material goods or fame). Children may imitate the behavior of bully’s, adults may dress as they see actual models dress, adults may engage in investments  that they have seen others prosper from.

Individual’s Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions,Values and Actions are also shaped by direct rewards that the physical environment provide for behaving adaptivly (i.e., discovering where to find oil, how to catch a fish, or how to make a fire, etc.). They are also shaped when others give them rewards for behaving in ways that they value and see as appropriate (good grades in school, job promotions, winning the love of a mate).

Psychology’s powerful  Law of Effect states that consequences control behavior. Our expressed Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions are made to occur more or less often by the rewards or punishments presented following their occurrence. These important consequences are administered by others to developing individuals, within an enlarging social context, as they mature.

Of course, economic fluctuations and and the governmental management of economic principles impact schedules and magnitudes of money and other material rewards that individuals experience. These economic contingencies, or chance occurrences, can produce powerful changes in the psycholgical features of citizens.

It is important not to overlook the great impact upon population behavior patterns caused by rules and consequence changes made by governments.  Governments change various business or civil regulations, laws, and penalties for certain behaviors and all of this increased or decreases the probabilities of certain classes of citizen behaviors.

And do not forget the influences of changing genetic make-ups among individuals within a population. Of course gemetics spread to new individuals via a special and fun form of social contact that we call sex. Genetics carry codes for the development of good or bad physical, intellectual and emotional health in the offspring of parents.

Another example, among many, is the history of individual’s various stimulus associations that  influence human Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?! Examples of this mechanism of behavioral contagion could be the characterizations, parties, and marches associated with liberal or conservative political or liberal activities. Or, the many positive or negative stimulus associations with cultural traditions such as holidays and religious (or non-religious) more’s and folkways.

Finally, there are various natural disasters, wars, and all manner of deprivations that strike populations and can dramatically change the nature Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions within a population.

There is much more to the concept of Behavioral Contagion as I define it. But, if you have followed my thoughts,  you have now have a general understanding of this important psychological concept.

Although we like to think of human beings as being rational creatures, we vainly flatter ourselves. I will call it “species specific narcissism”…just for fun.

If humans are defined by their rational nature, why would we do so many obviously self-destructive things? Why would we pollute and not “give-a-hoot”? Why are we so likely to work for small immediate rewards, rather that large delayed ones? Why do we advocate cultural practices that will not conserve our natural resources, or that will kill the helpless and innocent rather than discipline ourselves to to behave in more responsible ways?

Now,  if you get the drift of all of this psychobabble, there is a very good chance that you will gain even more from the following video!

The short article is good, but not nearly as entertaining and informative the video depicting the reality of modern feminism. It takes a few seconds to load.

Enjoy….But, Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this thought provoking article and video to me.

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    Hysterical Brainless Feminism (HBF): New Form of  Behavioral Pathological Contagion Perhaps you recall decades ago when feminists could intelligently articulate their main goals. Back then, some of their goals made sense! Behavioral Contagion is an ol…


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