“Knock the Teeth Out of Old Media”: Do It!

“Knock the Teeth Out of Old Media”: Do It!

I pray that President Trump will be open and honest in his dealings with the American people. This, with the exception of essential secrets that clearly are needed to protect the safety of this nation.

By consistently telling the truth to America, Trump will reverse the liberal/socialist traditions (Marx, Lenin, Alinsky) of propagandistic lies and deceptions.

Most Americans hate lairs.

I judge that an honest President, who truthfully attacks and exposes our radical liberal, lying, propagandizing “old media” will not only “Knock its Teeth” out; but, the glaring light of an honest President will also knock-the-wind out of it.

See this video for the hard-hitting truth about America’s old, radical-liberal-socialist media!


V. Thomas Mawhinney       1/18/17

P.S., Thanks to Patriot Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.

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