Obama’s Gone: Let’s Get Real About Islam!

Obama’s Gone: Let’s Get Real About Islam!

Of course there are “good” Muslims in America and in the world. Almost everyone says this!

But, for a long-time now, it has been “politically incorrect” to think and speak about good and bad people; God forbid, we think and speak seriously about good and bad Muslims!

However, it is irrational to believe that there are good people in the world without understanding that if that is true, there must then be bad people in the world.

Any society that acknowledges good but not bad is maladaptive and headed for failure.

If there is good behavior there must be bad behavior, and visa-versa.

My definition of a good Muslim is one who will worship their God and peacefully stay at home, or lawfully and peacefully assimilate into to any society that will accept them.

But, there are other criteria and they are the same ones that I will apply to any member of any religion, or to any non-believer.

Unless incapable, good Muslims will work to make an honest living and they will not conduct Stealth Jihad or violent Jihad (terrorism). Stealth Jihad is peaceful strategy to dominate and transform another society to Islam through political means. Good Muslims will not discriminate against members of other religions (“Infidels”), or mistreat other ethnic groups.

Good Muslims will not beat or kill their wives and children. Good Muslims will also   follow the laws of  any society that they migrate to.

Muslims good for America will also  not engaging in polygamy and they will not engage in political actions to implement Muslim Sharia Law. Sharia law is based exclusively upon the teaching of the Koran and the Hadith and it is in conflict with America’s Constitutionally-based legal system.

In my view, any Muslim who fails to meet these basic criteria is a bad Muslim for America and they should not be allowed to migrate to our Republic.

The problem that post-President Obama America now faces is that it is near-impossible to tell good Muslims from bad Muslims.

Until such judgments can made with decent accuracy, it is essential that America adopts a moratorium on Muslim Immigration.

Much of Islam is not a simple religion. For a large percent of Muslims, Islam it is a political system and the worship of that political system (a theocracy). A theocracy is incompatible with, and hostile too,  all liberal democracies as well as our own American Republic.

Wake-Up America! Take time to study the behavior patterns of bad Muslims.


They must never come here!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     


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    I aperacipte you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.


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