Why NOT Socialism #4: It’s Bad Psychology!

Why NOT Socialism #4: It’s Bad Psychology!

I discussed some of the damaging psychology of socialism in Why NOT Socialism #3.

My main point was that because of the crazy way socialism applies consequences for population behavior, Psychology’s great Law of Effect heavily rewards lazy, unproductive, irresponsible,  and dependent behavior within its population.

Dependent upon what? Dependent upon government, which increasingly becomes a god-like entity that is worshiped and obeyed by a great many of the population until it fails , as it often does.

It is then that an already debilitated population is faced with a life-threatening cultural calamity.

However, there is much more to this story.

In light of socialism’s glaring weaknesses and failures, why would the leaders of any society wish to adopt this combined social, political and economic design for their population?! Think about this question for a moment…..

Often intelligent, observers, attribute this cultural design and its failures to naivete’, or some sort of pathological “denial” on the part leaders.

I will grant that a minority of  blind-faith ideologues appear to disregard the legendary failures of this political design in order to “finally get it right”; but for most politically active socialists the true motive must be their own greed and quest for personal aggrandizement. For socialist ordinary citizens it is either political naivete’ or short-sighted greed for free money and other material rewards.

I judge that the majority of  socialist leaders skillfully employ The Law of Effect to shift all of the power from the people and whatever religion they may worship, to an emerging government god and to the leaders who control it. In this way they ensure their own growing political power and popularity.

In other words the motivation for these socialist leaders is narcissism and sociopathic self-interest. As a prime modern example, I submit America’s own President Barrack Hussein Obama’s administration and many of those who he appointed as his Czars and staff members. I also submit Obama’s preferred Presidential replacement, Hillary Clinton.

The perfectly predictable outcome of the socialistic cultural and political evolutionary dynamic is much as I outlined in the my first paragraph of this blog….but, again, there is more!

Therefore, please read the following very short article written by David L. Goetsch and published on the Patriot Update.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/5/17

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Health Services Provider in Psychology

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  1. Bette Says:

    I hate my life but at least this makes it belabrae.


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