Why NOT Socialism? #2

Why NOT Socialism? #2

Socialism is bad for America!

I judge that socialism is also bad for the world. Marvelous scholars have made this argument using a world history of socialism’s stunning failures. In the future, I will provide quotes from their powerful works.

For the present, however, the following is a series of articles, some of which I will embed within my own series, entitled: Why NOT Socialism?

These embedded articles have been published on the internet by the Patriot Update. The writer is David L. Goetsch. The series began in January of 2012, and is entitled: What’s So Bad About Socialism-Everything!  I encourage you to read Dr. Goetsch’s 10 part series of this title.

If you will read my selected sample of Dr. Goetsch’s short articles and compare their assertions/predictions to what has actually happened to our increasingly socialistic America, you must conclude that Socialism is Bad for America.

Please read his important introduction.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/31/16

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One Response to “Why NOT Socialism? #2”

  1. williamfrancisbrown Says:

    Where can I find Goetsch’s series, “What’s So Bad About Socialism: Everything!”. It does not turn up on a Google search.

    I read it back in 2012 and thought that the series should be mandatory reading for every young person in America. Of course this would never happen because gov’t schools are part of the problem. They deliberately create a plague of ignorance about the horrific reality of socialism, of which public schools are part and parcel.


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