Barack Obama: America’s First Fraudulent President

Barack Obama: America’s First Fraudulent President

Without strong and consistent evidence, I am averse to spooky conspiracy theories.

Long-ago I stopped believing that President Obama was not an American citizen, as did most other citizens. After-all The Whitehouse released his Birth Certificate! For me, it was case-closed.e

For our new President Elect, Donald Trump, it was also case-closed on this issue, as he has recently stated.

I considered the issue of Obama’s citizenship to be a “red-herring”, capable of dragging America’s attention away from his behavior patterns, which consistently indicated that his ideals and goals were alien to those of traditional conservative or liberal America.

To me it was more important that  his actions consistently suggested that he was about the business of destroying America’s international power, Judeo/Christian values and morality, economic base, and political structure. In short, he was about the business of destroying America.

I have carefully documented the behavioral evidence upon which I base this, seemingly outrageous judgement. You can review my many previous blogs on this topic by inserting the name “Obama” in my “Search This Site” box at the upper right of my main blog page.

In light of further, apparently indisputable, evidence that Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate was fraudulently constructed through commonly available computer technology; I now believe Barack Obama was America’s first fraudulent president. 

The implications of this discovery are profoundly far-reaching.

Tough Patriot Sheriff Joe Arpio’s “Cold-Case” team now presents stunning evidence of  Obama’s Presidential fraud and he intends to submit it to congress.

The evidence strongly suggests that alien forces have “hacked” more than our computer systems. It is possible that alien forces have hacked the Presidency of the United States of America!

Study these two videos as if the quality of your family’s life depends upon them, because it does. Note, this is truly new news!

I encourage you to share this blog with family and friends.

The first video presents strong evidence that important signatures on the Obama’s Birth Certificate are fraudulent.

This second video provides strong evidence that numerous other features of Obama’s Birth Certificate are also fraudulent

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/18/16

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