America Needs Manly Men!

America Needs Manly Men

Predictably, the radical-liberal-progressive folks will come after me on this one. 

The following video encompasses a time-line when I was a child growing-up and when I was still a young men.

These were better times for families, boys and girls and for America.

Yes, you can identify problems in that era, as in any other….including the present one.

But when it came to quality of life for children and families; and therefore America…these were better times.

The following video from Prager U. will make my argument for me.

Most of modern America has been taught the Cons of this American time-period. The following will teach  the Pro’s.

It is important try to return to these more conservative times. Times when America was conserving both families and manhood.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/12/16

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