Reasons Trump Won: The No-Crap Version!

Reasons Trump Won: The No-Crap Version!

I do understand that Trump’s Victory is old news.

Sadly, now nauseatingly, this “old-horse” news item has been beaten nearly to death.

But, political progressives and most of the media are still having tantrums, crying, screaming, holding their breaths, and thrashing wildly on the floor over Trump winning the Presidency. At last, some are merely whimpering, sucking their thumbs and fondling Play Dough.

In any event, America has soundly rejected progressive (radical-liberal) fascism!

If you voted for Trump, the following video is a factual and succinct review of why you probably did.

If you voted for more of the last five years under the Obama regime, i.e., Hillary Clinton or some other looser, this is your “trip to the woodshed” for a no B.S. lecture on what America will not stand-for!

Do not miss this amazing summary of who America is, and who America is not.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/5/16

P.S., Many thanks to patriot Joe Grunnert for sending me this video.

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