Drug Abuse Contagion: Medical Marijuana #3b

Drug Abuse Contagion: Medical Marijuana #3b

The following are some early facts about medical marijuana research  development, as well as some of its current applications.

Please note that this source is an authoritative one.


Sadly, there has been a rush to legalize medical marijuana (now in 27 states), before its medically effective chemicals could be refined and carefully evaluated. Worse yet, is the fact that that its increasingly wide-spread use is being implemented before methods for effectively controlling against its diversion to illegal abuse has been identified and tested effective.

Perhaps, ultimately, the use of medical marijuana will be a great net gain for a more healthy American society. However, our rush to piecemeal legalization appears to be creating a host of social-mental and physical health problems in our non-prescription youths and adult populations.

At this early stage of development, the harms to society of legalized medical marijuana could easily outweigh its advantages.

See what you think!



V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/1/16

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Certified Health Services Provider in Psychology




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