“Illegal” Immigration is our fault!

“Illegal” Immigration is our fault!

Illegal Immigration has been going on at a high rate for a very long time; at least back to the Reagan Administration and perhaps before.

If I lived in a poor, crime-ridden, corrupt country like Mexico and a nearby a very rich country did not close its borders effectively and also provided free education, medical care, welfare support, and work opportunities to anyone who could cross their border, what would I do?!

What would you do?!

The truth is that I would be a coward not to do my best to gain access to all of the opportunities and riches that are not available in my own country. I would be a coward not to take the risks necessary to improve my life and that of all of my loved ones back home.

I am aware of “illegal” immigrants working very hard at low paying jobs, even two jobs at a time; walking or riding bikes to get to work in order to improve their lives and to send money back to their poor families of origin, still living in relative poverty.

Though many have died trying, if I were trapped in such a choice situation, I hope that I would have the courage to flee to the open border nation of great opportunities.

I know a man who did have the courage to flee Mexico and come to America. He married an American, they both worked very hard for years and saved their money. Some of his earnings were sent back to his mother in Mexico. They had two lovely children and he earned the love and respect of is wife’s very large extended American family. This man is a now a devoted and loving father to their two beautiful young children. He still works two jobs and his wife is advancing her own career. Recently they purchased a small home and were saving their money to make some small improvements to their property.

They are now very fearful that they will “lose it all”, should President Trump decide to do massive deportations of all “illegal” immigrants.

I have come to know this man well and I have great respect and affection for him and his family.

In spite of this, I felt duty-bound to vote for Donald Trump. I did so because he is the first candidate that had the courage to make closing America’s borders a top priority in his Presidency. I did this convinced that without a defendable border, and the will to defend it,  America will be soon be overwhelmed and destroyed. How could any intelligent American believe otherwise?

My dear friend is an “Illegal” Immigrant. I have placed apostrophes around the word illegal, to show that it is not an accurate description of his and other “illegal” immigrant’s status in America.

To put it bluntly: A law unenforced, is not a law!

We must now make our border “laws”, real laws!

The American Electorate and their representatives have been guilty of failing to enforce critically important immigration “laws” for decades. We are responsible for not enforcing our own closed borders, and we have had many chances to make this a major issue in our electoral processes.

We have failed for a long very time in this responsibility until the 2016 Presidential Election.

Here is what must be done as soon as it is humanly possible:

  1. Close and defend America’s borders.
  2. Temporarily jail and deport all “illegal” immigrants who are criminals, drug addicted, or in gangs that conduct illegal activities.
  3. Deport “illegal” immigrants who have remained on American welfare support for longer than a reasonable interval of time (3 yrs.?).
  4. Deport all Criminals who are now in our jails and prisons (why should American tax payers fund their incarceration?). Yes, we were responsible for their immigration to America, but we were not responsible for their criminal behavior.

All of these deportations should begin when increase border security is achieved.

What about my Mexican friend, the beloved husband, father, and now an outstanding member of a large extended American family?

I believe that all “illegal” immigrants who remain, following the purge of those listed above, should be given a path to citizenship. First, they should be carefully vetted for suitability. Then the path should, at a minimum, involve the passing of classes about American history, our form of governance, and what traditionally has been called civics. They should learn to speak and write our language and they should swear allegiance to the United States of America.

Finally, until they are able to qualify for American citizenship, “illegal” immigrants should be deported if they are convicted of any serious crimes.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/18/16

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