100 + Most Upsetting Wikileaks!

100 + Most Upsetting Wikileaks!

The following is a website that has posted the 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks and it is even posting more, as they are released.

No matter what our political affiliation is, honest patriots must take time to review this startling expose’ about deeply ingrained corruption in American politics.

I have read every one of these 100 Wikileaks and I must tell you that I have been forced to change my judgment about Julian Assange. I once thought he was a traitor to freedom and democracy and should be imprisoned.

I now believe this man to be a heroic figure in the fight to save our American Republic from an unconscionable fatal end.

Please take time to review these astonishing Wikileaks documenting America’s internal political rot, aided by external forces, which are poised to take America and all of us down.

Then, send it to everyone you know and vote accordingly!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/1/16


P.S. Thanks to patriot Chuck Carpenter for sending this to me.

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