U.S. Government Corruption Shows Cultural Decline

U.S. Government Corruption Shows Cultural Decline

Come-on America, Wake-Up!

Once afflicted by moral entropy, a culture’s decline is manifested in corruption at all levels.

Reversing this decline into chaos and barbarism is near impossible.

Tragically, so it is with America as we continue our own steep sociocultural decline.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are both jarring examples of a very old saying: “Within a democracy” (really a Representative Republic) “the citizens get exactly what they deserve!”

How could a corrupt public produce anything but an increasing number of corrupt governmental servants?

Whether we will admit it or not; people must know there is corruption involved in Bill Clinton’s “accidental” friendly meeting” in an airplane on a tarmac with Loretta Lynch ( Attorney General) who was overseeing an investigation of his wife, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/29/politics/bill-clinton-loretta-lynch/index.html   (wait a few seconds for ad to end)

Of course “it is only coincidence” that Candidate Hillary Clinton “is considering”  Attorney General Lynch for appointment to the Supreme Court, if she is elected President?


“It is only incidental” that the FBI gave five of Clinton’s Aids immunity and physically destroyed the Laptops of two of them. And it just happened that there were there no convictions at any level, even when the Head of the FBI admitted that Hillary repeatedly lied to them during sworn testimony!


There is something rotting in America’s political system…and it is us.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/03/16


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