The Godless West Is Dying

The Godless West Is Dying

I have read numerous scholarly resources documenting that when cultures lose their religion, they also lose their fertility. The indigenous population simply has fewer and fewer babies.

When the population’s fertility rates fall below population replacement levels, cultures and their societies begin to decline and may die-out.

I will grant you that cultures and their societies decline, fade and are replaced by other cultures for many reasons. However, the “many reasons” are not the point of this blog.

The point is that the loss of a culture’s religion must be viewed as a MAJOR, perhaps CATACLYSMIC event that should never be overlooked or thought insignificant.

The loss of a culture’s religion is correlated with that culture’s decline, from antiquity to the present. Of course, correlation is not causation. But, sometimes causation is the first hint of causation.

Regarding the loss of religion in cultures, logic would suggest that with this loss can also go the precepts of ethics and morality, supporting a population’s trust, cohesiveness. Also fading are likely the infrastructure, structure and superstructure that supports historical rituals, mores/folkways, and child-acculturation processes that provide for the stable, honest and smooth functioning of key institutions (political, economic, military and social). All of these things, and more, occur during the intricate causal-swirl of events that comprise a culture’s decline.

This is exactly what we are seeing occur in Europe, accelerated by the influx of powerfully theocratic Islamic populations who refuse to assimilate into the host’s dying societies. As a result, they represent a strong catalytic to the process of their new host’s sociocultural decline.

The same thing is now happening to America! We appear to be somewhat earlier in this process of decline and our population (augmented by traditionally compatible religious Hispanic immigrants) is not yet below replacement levels.

However, our secular progressive Federal Government is in the process of dramatically increasing Islamic immigration to our shores. Incredibly, we are doing the same thing that the European Nations have done who are now teetering on the verge of collapse, as a partial result.

I hope you will read the following article and send it to everyone you know.

Then vote in our coming elections as if your life, and those who you love, depend upon it….because they do!

Wake-Up America, before it is too late!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/15/16

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