America Destroyed From Within!

America Destroyed From Within!

The following is a blow, by-blow, truthful description of exactly how America has been transformed from a luminous miraculous success on the world stage…to an increasingly feeble shadow of its former self.

I challenge you to read this historical analysis of how the relentless forces of progressive liberality have brought us to the end-stages of America’s utter destruction.

I invite your comments and hope you will forward this article to everyone you know.

I believe that America’s looming Presidential Election will be our last hope for a peaceful return to greatness.

See what you think!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/10/16

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2 Responses to “America Destroyed From Within!”

  1. H.Hawkins Says:

    The author is on the right path in his descriptive analysis of the demise of America.
    My view, it has happened.The election upcoming is to insure that the progressive/liberal/socialist power fine tunes the present take over.
    Reading comments, I respectfully disagree, with those that refer to this as a Fascist metamorphosis-it is Communism.

    I do not have the desire nor inclination to educate those that have succumb to the machinations of a treacherous subversive class now ruling our country.

    If you want your country back you will need to fight -it will be a long and arduous road back.The first step is to vote Clinton out.


    Submitted by H.Hawkins


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