Look Who’s Stealing America!

Look Who’s Stealing America!

The following may appear to be sensationalistic propaganda, but the truth is not propaganda.

I have carefully read the book Hillary’s America by Dinsh D’Souza and based upon my readings of American history, he is telling us the unvarnished truth.

I am certain that most American’s, both Liberals and Conservatives, do not know the  nefarious history of the Democratic Party and they do not understand the ways in which that party continues to damage equality and the general welfare of America to this day.

Dinesh D’Souza will set everyone straight on what we have forgotten, or never knew, about the Democratic ever-lasting  quest for enslavement,  social control, “shackled” voting blocks, political power, political corruption and personal wealth.

The best label for Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Presidency and modern democratic politics is “THE STEALING OF AMERICA”!

It is essential that every American see D’Souza’s movie, and/or read his book entitled Hillary’s America.

Never forget that in a democracy (actually a Democratic Republic) “The People Get Exactly What They Deserve!”

Please read the following and see the two videos embedded in the article.

Breitbart: ‘Hillary’s America’ Getting Theatrical Re-Release Due To Popular Demand

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/4/16


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