Regarding Muslim Immigrants: “Ever Hear of Freedom of Religion?”

Regarding Muslim Immigrants: “Ever Hear of Freedom of Religion?”

Recently, when referencing common concerns about Obama and Hillary Clinton’s great importation of Muslims into America, someone snapped a sharp retort at me: “Ever hear of Freedom of Religion?”.

OK, modern democrats, progressives, radical liberals, social revolutionaries, and anarchists, etc., etc.. 

Let me to rub your collective noses in a world-wide blood-filled pool of Radical Islamic reality.

It is high time for you to study the following, get your heads out-of-the-sand and wake-up to reality.

If you are trying to be a so-called “bleeding heart”, let me show you what real bleeding hearts look like.

P.S., Yes I agree there are good Muslims, ad nauseam! But, who do you propose we trust to tell us who they are, as they swarm into America by the thousands and tens of thousands, without credentials and powerful background checks?

The reality-based answer is: There is currently no one!

If you suggest “our present government“. I am done talking with you.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/30/16

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