Clinton Projected: 1,000,000 Muslims First Term!

Clinton Projected: 1,000,000 Muslims First Term!

Wake-Up America. The media is full of what is happening to Europe as a result of their allowing a flood of Muslim Immigrants into their various countries.

Hillary Clinton and the democrats  are hell-bent to do the same.

Can anyone explain why America would think that anything different will happen to us ?!!

There will be more ax, knife, hammer, truck, bomb and gun attacks on our “Ifidel” population…that means virtually any of us. There will be a dramatic increase in sexual molestation and rapes of our women. There will be a dramatic (already foreshadowed by Muslims now here) increase in political action to make America accommodate their dress, countless religious practices and work habits. They will politically and legally attack the lack of our accommodations to their numerous and complicated cultural ways within all of our indigenous institutions and organizations. They will overwhelm our welfare, educational, health, and legal systems. They will thereby increase America’s self-destructive National debt and bankrupt our tax payers.

The Muslims will join existing political actions groups and form new ones to bring about Sharia complaint social and legal changes to our own culture until it becomes unrecognizable as American.

If Muslim immigrants do, as they have done in Europe, they will tend to pool in enclaves and they will not acculturate to our ways. They will move into their own ghettos, rapidly grow by out-reproducing American’s and they will create “No Go” areas in which “Infidels” will find it dangerous to go. We all should know that in Europe first responders (fire, police, and other emergency personnel) are fearful to enter these Muslim enclaves.

If you can explain why any one of our politicians would be hell-bent to do this as part of any rational attempt to benefit America, I will be astonished.

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, or anyone other than Trump, this is what you will inflict upon yourselves and your loved ones.

This, along with all of the other indigenous social, political, economic and military problems America now faces, America will be overwhelmed and driven into a modern form of destructive collapse.

It is time for Democrats to face America’s wrath at the polls!

Consider this dose of reality.

V. Thomas Mawhinney


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One Response to “Clinton Projected: 1,000,000 Muslims First Term!”

  1. gordyjones Says:


    where did you get the “clinton projection” of 1 million Muslims to U.S.? If she has said this, I hadn’t heard of it. If she has, I’d sure like to tell my circle of friends and show the quote to them.


    “In this world there are 3 kinds of people: Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs – which are you?


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