Why America Should Hate Liberalism #5

Why America Should Hate Liberalism #5

A dear friend and fellow patriot, Karen Kuiper, commented about my series, Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism.

I interpreted her remarks to indicate her bewilderment about how Liberals could be so stupid as to consistently pass laws, or ignore laws, that make matters worse for America’s citizens and speed our decline as an international power.

My research into the workings of liberal philosophies and practices, the world around, has led me to a simple conclusion.

Once liberalism gains control of a political system, a political and socioeconomic system must be driven into destruction before a significant proportion of the affected citizens will rise-up and put an end to Liberalism’s pathologically destructive hegemony.

Control, or better put, the counter-controls against liberalism remain the ultimate challenge. It was once thought that America’s unique and masterfully designed Constitution was enough, but liberalism has found ways to defeat even that.

We shall now see about the matter of Control.

I fear this national election could be the tipping-point to a fast slide into a long American nightmare.

The following was my answer to my friend, Karen.

The simple reason why Liberalism consistently does self-defeating things was also hard for me to understand.

But, everything will “click into place”, cognitively, as soon as we change our perspective on Liberalism’s guiding motives.

Very simply put, Liberals are driven to increase their power. They are generally pathologically selfish and irresponsible. They do not care about America’s future, or that of its citizens.They say they do because it is what the public wants to hear and it helps them win elections.

Liberals care only about their own growing high status and the growth of their political power. It is in their best interests that the culture deteriorate to a hellish state.

In this way liberals have criminals, poor ignorant illegal aliens, drug addicts, single mothers in poverty with children, pregnant teens, sex addicts, gambling addicts, drug addicts, and bankrupt/broken businessmen, etc., who will vote for them in order to get more free medicine, housing, food, phones, electricity, health care, and so-on.

This is the unhappy conclusion that I have been forced to by the consistent world-wide evidence.

Do not listen to what the liberals say…just watch what they do and pay attention to how it benefits them in their mad quest for political power and permanent membership in America’s ruling class.


P.S. I challenge anyone to debate these perceptions with me.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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