Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism #2

Why Americans Should Hate Liberalism #2

One of the prime targets for liberalism’s conquest of America has been our institutions of education.

In this way Liberalism captures our youth, often shackles them to debt and governmental dependency, and/or forces unsuspecting parents and tax payers to cover the increasingly absorbent costs for an “education”.

The word education is in quotations because, what passes for education, is too often less a real education and more a liberal/Marxist propaganda machine.

Perhaps you have been astonished by very bright college educated youth who sanctimoniously parrot liberal philosophy, without any historical understanding of the real-world failed performances of these ideas and cultural designs.

A term for such propaganda outcomes, used to describe Korean concentration camp “re-educational” methods, was “brain washing”.

I urge parents to choose their children’s educational programs with very great care, from start to finish.

Please see the following for George Will’s very clear and factual expose’ of the propaganda camps that many  of America’s Colleges and Universities have become.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/14/16

Thanks to Vic Palenski for sending this video to me.

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