“10 Reasons Why Hillary Should Not be President”

“10 Reasons Why Hillary Should Not be President”

Few people know Hillary Clinton better than her former advisor, Dick Morris. He will now tell you ten reasons she should never be President. These reasons should be obvious to any one who has done their homework, but doing our homework is time-consuming and it is a very busy life for most of us.

I have studied Hillary’s history and her flawed personality for many years and I know what follows is true.  However, Dick Morris has been within Hillary and Bill Clinton’s’ inner-circle of advisors and he is an expert on both of their personalities and behavior patterns.

Immediately following eight years of Obama’s disastrous progressive policies, Hillary’s own similar, but intensified, policies will destroy the last vestiges of our once Great America!

Please take time to evaluate the 10 major points against a Hillary Clinton Presidency, send this blog to everyone you know and then vote accordingly.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/3/16

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