Black Fathers Matter: Metacontingencies of Reinforcement Matter More!

Black Fathers Matter: Metacontingencies of Reinforcement Matter More!

I have stepped away from my blog for a short time to have a knee replaced. It is still uncomfortable for me to sit at my computer for very long.

Fortunately retired Navy Chief, Lee Hornack, has sent me an important video that I can quickly post for you to see.

This must-see video documents the political/social welfare causes of our damaged American Black families and black men.

Please do not think that what has damaged Black families has not also damaged families of all of America’s ethnic groups.

In fact, bad “contingencies of reinforcement” (i.e., what behaviors are rewarded) damage all humans that come into contact with them.

A metacontingency is what the government (not Mom or Dad) rewards. Governmental reward systems for irresponsible work and family behaviors are destroying Black families and to a lesser, yet very important degree, all American families.

These damaging metacontingencies are central to socialist/progressive/communist cultural designs. They fail wherever they are installed and they are predictably failing in America.

Bad contingencies of reinforcement always produce bad behavior. They damage our behavior at family, community, state, and federal levels. Similar bad contingencies will also fail at “World Government” levels, increasingly propose by radical liberals.

The Science of Psychology has reliably predicted this and world history continues to confirm these predictions.

See for yourself.

Vote for good governmental metacontingencies of reinforcement!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend


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