Trump’s Acceptance: Time to Face Facts!

Trump’s Acceptance: Time to Face Facts!

The facts are that if Trump accomplishes 1/2 or even 1/3 of what he promises, America may be saved from total disaster.

After eight years of traitor Obama, if clone Hillary Clinton is elected and accomplishes  even 1/5 of what she promises, America will be decimated by more and  more of the culturally lethal afflictions that we all now suffer.

America, as most adults have known it, will not survive.

When will the world learn?! 

Progressive/Liberal/Socialist politics and policies are virulent forms of self-destructive sociocultural psychopathology.

In view of the countless Americans who have sacrificed life and limb to defend our traditional America, it should not be too much to ask that all American patriots watch Trump’s entire acceptance speech.

Progressives/Liberals/socialists and their puppet media have called Trump’s speech “Dark and Negative”. They have also accused Trump of using “Scare-Tactics”.

Balderdash!  Trump is TELLING the TRUTH and SHEDDING PURE LIGHT.

Hogwash! Trump is being POSITIVE because he is telling us what we must do to avoid even more great pain and disaster in our lives.

Bull-Scat! Trump is not using “Scare-tactics”. America’s Ship of State is really foundering and he is ordering all- hands on deck, to done life-jackets and bail for our lives.

What is wrong with doing everything in our power to avoid hell-on-earth and recover our true Constitutional, sane and Great America?!

It our responsibility to take time, study these lethal issues, judge for ourselves and vote accordingly!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 7/24/16


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