Finding What America Lost: It’s Greatness!

Finding What America Lost: It’s Greatness!

Most Americans know that if they lose something, the best way to find it again is to return to where they last saw it. Often, if that does not work, they retrace their steps in order to find the lost thing’s location.

The jump from this personal heuristic for solving a simple problem to a culturally complex problem is a big jump. I will grant you that.

However, when what is lost is clearly leading to the death of the greatest nation ever-on-earth and the welfare of all that we have ever loved hangs in the balance, it is damn-well worth a try!

Clearly, if America wishes to find what it has lost, it is sensible to return to where we last saw it.

America last saw its indisputable greatness when it followed our conservative Constitutional rules of conduct set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Furthermore, we saw America’s greatness when our government did not persecute our religions and their traditional moral values… the point of  “outlawing” them from our public language, expunging them from America’s public places and ridiculing them through our mass-media.

America’s upcoming Presidential Election could easily represent the point-of-no-return for America.

My beloved father once advised me to vote for a political party and not a single issue. I know that he would understand my reasons for not following his advise now, at this point in America’s profound decline.

I hope you to will now break this rule with me and also cast your ballot in favor of an essential Single Issue.

This essential issue is, literally, the very survival of our Historical America: The Greatest Nation ever to exist on Planet Earth.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 7/23/16



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