World War III: Planes,Trucks, Pressure Cookers, Knives and DENIAL!

World War III: Planes, Trucks, Pressure Cookers, knives and DENIAL!

I am stunned and numbed at the blood, guts and brains smashed from adults, children and babies in Nice, France. This and hundreds of  times more (see below); while Obama and his feckless minions prattle-on about guns…Islamic terrorists kill us by the thousands with planes, trucks, pressure cookers and knives.

I am sad to say that the torrent of criminal and terrorist carnage in recent times has naturally desensitized my emotions, as they have in most others I know. It is hard for me to feel much more than revulsion and hatred for the forces of evil that perpetrate such atrocities against innocent human beings.

I recall being frequently challenged over the past years when I told people that America was already in World War III. My able, but blind, opponents in debate often used strained details of definition to counter my steadfast assertion. Most other times this statement about WW III with radical Islamic Terrorism met with little more than uneasy silence. I frankly cannot recall anyone else, except my dear wife and sadly departed son, agreeing with me…until recently.

I am a psychologist and I understand the short-term comforts of the DENIAL of threats to our psychological and physical well-being. I also understand the long-term consequences of pain and even death for individuals who over-engage in habits of self-defeating and self-destructive denial of reality.

I have learned the psychological principles that apply to individuals, also normally apply to those collectives of individuals that we call societies or nations. Individuals commonly damage or destroy themselves by denying reality and so do societies and nations as-well-as their political and economic systems.

So now…The majority of those in denial of radial Islamic Jihad are now waking-up to a horrific reality. Whether it be by peaceful means (i.e., incremental political actions to achieve Sharia Law and hegemony over non-Islamic societies); or, murderous terrorism to capture and enslave, or convert millions of “infidels”,  the whole of Western Civilization is embroiled in WW III.

Trapped by their self-destructive over-use of denial, Europe itself will now be forced to engage in horrific actions in an attempt to save their own civilizations from Radical Islam.

This specter is almost incomprehensible! Europe has foolishly flooded itself with with hordes of Islamic’s intent upon destroying them and now Europe may be beyond salvation.

So, America…Now it is your turn!

What will you do?!

The upcoming American Presidential Election will determine the fate of not only America, but all of Western Civilization. We must not only save ourselves from the scourge of Islamic Terrorism, but  we must also help Europe save itself or the terrorists will have another home-base from which to attack us.

America, you had better elect a smart, kick-ass, blood and guts, take-no-prisoners President because you are now deeply into WW III.

If you vote, or fail to vote, in any way that leads to the election of Obama’s Hillary, you had better learn to abide by Sharia law.

Below is your reality: America, Wake-The-Hell-Up! You are in the midst of WW III!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/15/16

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