Obama Rushes to Top a Million Imported Muslims: After The Orlando Massacre!

Obama Rushes to Top a Million Imported Muslims: After The Orlando Massacre!

Not only is Obama pressing, during the closing months of his regime, to achieve the importation of  a total of one million Muslims from majority Muslim countries; and some are radicalized….he will not inform State authorities where he is sending them to live!

Beyond this, he will give no explanation of his bizarre and obviously ill-advised culturally self-destructive behavior.

Based upon Obama’s behavior patterns, I am forced to conclude that he is an Islamic sympathizer, at the very least, and likely an actual Muslim. He obviously is attempting to destabilize and transform America (as he often proclaimed publicly) through uncontrolled immigration of populations incompatible with America’s values and absolute needs for survival.

The old saying that “common sense is not so common”, is supported by the fact that polls suggest that a large proportion, perhaps the largest, support his and Hillary Clinton’s views on this and related matters.

You may think that my conclusion is irresponsible, even reprehensible.

I really do not care.

What I care about is that there is not a shred of consistent evidence to the contrary.

Moreover, all of Obama’s behaviors are totally illogical and incomprehensible, given world Islamic terror attacks now centering on America.  Particularly in view of Obama’s current rush to bring more refugees to America from Islamic countries that are sponsoring global terrorism.

Obama is too intelligent for his actions to be naive, he is frantically about the task of destroying America.


I challenge my readers to set-me-straight with logic and behavioral data. Additionally, I invite you to share this blog with liberals you may know who would like to debate these issues with me.

By now, if you have done your homework, you should know that the Majority of “moderate” Muslims want Sharia Law. Which is to say that they are loyal to Islam and not America or Western Civilization.

See the evidence below.


51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than to U.S.


More importantly, you should study the effect of massive Islamic immigration to Europe. See that not only does the Islamic population destroy the social tranquility there in numerous ways, but in response the citizens of overwhelmed cities in Europe then violently retaliate, furthering the Radical Islamic objective of destabilizing Western European Culture.

The plan is perfectly diabolical and massively effective.

Please study the following videos. Any sample of them will document my “politically incorrect”, but totally reality-based assertions.


I must say to liberals who will vote for a continuation of Obama’s policies, via Hillary Clinton: Your Children and grandchildren will pay a terrible price for your ignorance.

Wake-Up Damn-Fools in America!

The Obama Administration and, if elected. the coming Clinton Administration can utterly destroy our American Constitutional Republic.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/17/16

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