World War III In America!

World War III In America!

I have nothing to say about the horrific Islamic terror attack in Orlando; except I feel terrible about the loss of life and the overwhelming grief that the families, loved ones, and friends of the innocent victims now suffer.

I have often railed against Islamic Terrorism on my blog. Moreover, I have provided the facts and figures of the mountains of carnage that their attacks on “the infidels” have wrought.

I have presented the reasons that I judge the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton and their “progressive” party are in cahoots with Radical Islam and all forces inimical to America.

I have discussed these reasons for my unpopular conclusion in the past and I will not reiterate them today.

Today, I will simply present more facts about what, in fact, is World War III with radical Islam.

Today I will simply “rub America’s nose” in the facts that are being hidden from our citizenry by the corrupt and treasonous Obama Administration, and God Forbid, a continuation of our destruction via a Clinton Administration.

Remember, a Clinton Administration will appoint 4 to 5 liberal/progressive Supreme Court Justices, who will then legislate from the bench for at least two generations. This will bring a cataclysmic end to America.

Wake-Up Damn -Fool America!

Here is your reality check. Please study it and send it to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/14/16

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