Herman Cain: The Truth About Trump and Clinton

Herman Cain: The Truth About Trump and Clinton

I wish that every American would see the following video.

I also wish I could vote Herman Cain for President. I think he would do a wonderful Job.

However, all we have Trump and Clinton.

Trump would not have been my favorite among the Republicans available, yet I have reasons to believe that with the right advisors and an outstanding V.P. (like Newt Gingrich) he might achieve unexpected and wonderful things. At least there is a chance!

With Hillary Clinton, there is no chance!

With Clinton, we are doomed to at least four more years of Obama’s crony capitalism, America-basing, corrupted and deceitful politics. But, Clinton will move far-beyond the destruction that Obama has purposefully achieved and will inject the the most lethal political virus of all, thus destroying all good things that America has ever accomplished. Of this I am certain.

Clinton will surely appoint 4 to 5 progressive/deconstructionist Supreme Court Justices. This will tip the judicial scales radically against our historically Constitutional Government and all of the great economic, political, social, (mores and folkways) and religious traditions that have propelled America to greatness in the 20th Century.  Supreme Court Justices serve for life and this means that a progressive/radical liberal majority will “legislate from the bench” for at least the next two generations.

Clinton’s numerous Supreme Court Justice appointments will inflict a very painful and inhumane undoing upon all Americans. The only winners will be those in power….and, as usual with such revolutions, even that will ultimately fail and devolve into anarchy.

Please listen carefully to what Herman Cain has to say and send this video to everyone you know.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/11/16

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