Immigration: All Americans Must See This!

Immigration: All Americans Must See This!

The following is another of the clearest Illustrations of our self-destructive immigration policies that I have ever seen.

The main problem appears to be that our politicians care only about their electability and the extension of their power base. They are not controlled by the consequences of their actions upon the next generation.

This appears to be the fatal flaw in our now largely unprincipled political system.

Correct this, or America is lost. Indeed, it may already be lost.

Vote for strongly Judeo/Christian principled candidates. Do not listen to what they say, evaluate what they have done in the past. Vote for those who understand that open borders and very high rates of legal immigration will destroy any socioculture.  America is no exception. Also, vote for term limits for Congress.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/26/16

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4 Responses to “Immigration: All Americans Must See This!”

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    Immigration: All Americans Must See This! | Cultural Survival Skills


  2. H.Hawkins Says:

    “And everyone believes we live in a DEMOCRACY”


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      I would like to see a return to our Founding Father’s days when only the intelligent could vote (I.e., land owners).
      However, it would not have to be so restrictive as that. It is hard to know what the criteria would be.
      From my perspective, I am certain that land owners, business owners, high school graduates, military and veterans should have the vote.
      Thank you Huck.

      The vote should not be given to illegal immigrants, legal immigrants who are not citizens, those on welfare, and felons.
      I know these lists are not complete. I also do not know how this would be administered.
      However, this is a way to increase the odds that the voter is at least able to understand and project deferred consequences for political cultural designs and redesigns. It is also a way to increase voter participation from the pool that are eligible, given that the vote would now become a true privilege rather than a philosophical one. To this I would add the imperative to put term limits on Congress. Moe


  3. tom jacobs Says:

    We do have to move the D.C.morons out. ……….but, until ‘they’ are camped-out in your backyard……..nothing will happen. The American public are idiots.


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