The Transgender Bathroom/Shower Strategy

The Transgender Bathroom/Shower Strategy

The truth is that most pre-teen and adolescent boys would fantasize about this bathroom/shower arrangement…not to mention a few adult males and fewer females!

The other truth is that such an arrangement would be inconceivable to  normal adults, up until just recently. Now virtually all of “normal” America is in stunned disbelief over this bizarre cultural evolution

So the big question is: How in the hell did this happen?!!

Most Americans have no idea.

The very short article below provides the explanation.

America better wake-up because the inexorable forces of Our Great Undoing never rest. Therefore we must never rest and we had better learn this once-and-for-all.  Seven years of radical liberal/progressive political dominance has brought us to near destruction.

Vote radical liberals, so-called “progressives”, out of political office…and keep them out of office!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/24/16

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