Transgenders Pick Opposite Bio-Sex Showers/Bathrooms in American?!

“Transgenders” Pic Opposite Bio-Sex Showers/Bathrooms in American Schools?!

There really are people who feel deeply that they have been born into the wrong body. Theirs can be a difficult life and I sympathize with their plight.

On the other hand, among children and adolescents sexual experimentation has always been more frequent than meets they eye. Research has shown that many young people who declare that they are gay or lesbian become exclusively heterosexual in adulthood. So, they were not what thought they were during their youth!

This study did not include transgenders, but it is reasonable to assume that there is also changeability among many youth who feel they may be transgenders, as well.

Whenever a modern society popularizes and glamorizes certain behavior patterns through its ubiquitous media, and then provides special recognition and privileges to those who adopt the behavior patterns in question, society can expect to see an increase in these behavior patterns. This increase is produced by well-researched mechanisms of behavioral contagion that I have detailed elsewhere in my blogs.

In one of my previous blogs, I describe some of the ways psychopathology can spread among our youth. This blog relates to the current concerns about the transgender/bathroom debate, even though transgenders are not mentioned there. I hope you will take time to read it.

It is estimated that 3/10ths of a percent of our population is transgender. While there is evidence that this human problem can have a genetic basis, its occurrence within a large population will also be influenced by environmental factors, as described in the behavioral contagion blog referenced above.

But beyond these important concerns, we must ask ourselves why, all of a sudden, has President Obama decreed that our entire society must open our showers and bathrooms to anyone who simply proclaims, ,without psychological/psychiatric evidence, that they are a transgender.  Particularly when less than one percent of the population (at least for the present) are in this tiny minority.

Here is my take on this bizarre dictate from a radical, traditional America-hating liberal progressive dedicated, as evidenced by his own statements and subsequent consistent actions, on “Transforming America”.

This is simply one of many radical-liberal progressive strategies to create chaos in America. Out of chaos frequently comes cultural revolution; and this is their clear and stated goal.

Do not be naive; there will be many more of these cultural destabilizing policies to come.

Note also, that our frenzied focus on this wacky idea has functioned as a proverbial “red herring”, throwing American citizens off-the-trail of how the Obama administration has already damaged America and how profoundly threatened our National future really is.

Just think about this:

Our economy is in a wreak, we are already being sucked into WWIII, we are overrun with illegal immigrants and  under attack by Islamic terrorists.  Russia, North Korea, and Iraq are loose “nuclear cannons on deck”. We are flooded with drugs, in part because Obama will not enforce federal laws on drugs. Several states have now legalized marijuana for recreational use and many others are considering doing the same. Crime is rampant our in our large cities and the murder rates in them are terrifying. Our educational, judicial, law enforcement, prisons and social welfare systems are a overwhelmed and failing. Our political system is corrupt and incompetent.

And now the government threatens to terminate governmental funds for education in states that do not let transgenders, i.e., anyone who simply says they feel that they are a transgender, into  showers and bathrooms of their preference?!

I have said it before and I am saying again, as often as I can, America is nuts!!

The following video is a fair and detailed debate on this topic. I hope you will educate yourself on this and other political matters and then…vote to stop the madness in America!

Please tolerate the very short ad that precedes this important video.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.



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One Response to “Transgenders Pick Opposite Bio-Sex Showers/Bathrooms in American?!”

  1. H.Hawkins Says:

    Obama is insanely clever.To use Executive Powers to enjoin the States to abide by his edit using the 14th amendment,section 1 to the Constitution and I quote-

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States,and subject to the”JURISDICTION THEREOF( these two words JURISDICTION THEREOF have opened the door and allowed learned men,fallacious ninkinpoops,Judges all levels,Presidents,Legislators,and people of all walks of life,etc to erroneously misuse the 14th amendment,section 1 for their own evil,greedy purposes to proclaim that all babies born in the United States were citizens,i.e.ANCHOR BABIES BORN TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS-far from the truth;but this is another topic of a horse of a different color to be discussed at a later time perhaps. )
    are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.The following verbage of section 1 is what Obama is using to justify his edit on TRANSGENDERS.
    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;nor shall any State deprive any person of life,liberty or property,without due process of law;nor deny to any person within the jurisdiction the equal protection of the law. This DESPOT Obama will stop at nothing to demoralize and turn Americans against one another.
    Again this verbage is erroneously being misused to implement an agenda of evil.


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