Our Son: A Sweet Memory

Our Son: A Sweet Memory

Our 46-year-old son, Sean, died suddenly of an apparent abdominal aortic aneurysm.

We have lost a wonderful son who we loved with all of our hearts. His three children lost a loving, close and faithful father. His many friends lost a fun, caring and loyal companion.

Sean will continue to live in our beloved grandchildren and all the members of his family, as well as his friends, in countless ways.

Though we taught him many things in his childhood, he has also taught all of us a great many important lessons during his adult life. What we learned from Sean lives in our thoughts and actions daily.

We will watch the mild-to-wild weather and the greening of spring with all of its new foliage, plants and animals that he loved so very much. It feels as though we are experiencing this primal explosion and celebration of life through all of Sean’s own keen senses.

We will try to experience all of the good things in nature and the world with the same deep respect and pleasure that he always did.

Just as he did, we will try our best to be good to good people: no matter their station in life, race or their creed.

We will try to be strong in the face of wrong and to defend what is right; to support the traditional values of God, Country, justice and hard work that once propelled America to unparalleled greatness.

We will try to be strong in the face of loss, pain, adversity, and the uncertainties of life, as he was.

Most of all, like Sean, we will always celebrate our  good times, triumphs and victories in life with good cheer and laughter…and we will do this with high spirits and great gusto!

Sean, who remains in us all, will continue to celebrate all of the good things in life through his children and his many loved ones.

We still see him everywhere we go.

From all of us who love Sean Thomas Mawhinney.


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