Our Wonderful Son Has Passed

Our Wonderful Son Has Passed

Our beloved son, Sean Thomas, passed away on Friday April 15. He suffered an abdominal aneurysm and was gone in a matter of seconds.

Sean’s three children were with him when he passed away and the shock and trauma of it is now settling down, somewhat, for them and us. We are so relieved to know that he did not suffer badly in his passing.

Our own great sadness will diminish in time, but we know there will always be transient sadness’s that will come to visit us.

My dear mother sometimes warned me that “life is not a bowl of cherries”. She also taught that life was sometimes “unfair”. Of course, my mother was telling me the truth…as always.

As you can tell from the following, we were so very proud of our Sean and we loved him more than we can express.

We hope you will remember that your friends and loved one’s can be gone in a blink of the eye, when you least expect it.  We hope you will show and express your love to them at every opportunity.

God’s Blessings to you and all who you love.


Sean Thomas Mawhinney, 46, of South Bend, IN passed away on Friday, April 15, 2016 in his home surrounded by his children. Sean was a proud Graduate of Ball State University and was a successful business manager and sales associate with an industrial supply company.

Most of all, Sean was dedicated to God, his three children, his family and many friends. Sean loved people and he continuously demonstrated this with words and actions. A person’s race, creed, age, education or wealth did not matter. If someone was a good person, with a “good heart”, they could be his friend. He loved to laugh with everyone. He enjoyed Seinfeld, “Survivor”, history, and all genres of music (particularly the “Grateful Dead”).

Sean was big, strong, intellectually curious and persuasive. He would defend right against wrong when necessary. He was soft-hearted and caring to those in need. Sean loved all sports, especially Notre Dame Football and he was a tough guard on the Adams high school football team. He loved golf, sailing, fishing, campfires, going “Up-North”, birds and their songs, snakes, pollywogs, crayfish—nearly all of God’s creatures. He literally would not hurt a fly.

Sean’s greatest gift to all of us was his and Lori’s three wonderful children, Kelin, Camren and Macey; they were the main focus of his life. He is now with God, and continues to live through his children, loved ones and friends. Our Sean would tell you, “it’s all good”.

Below is a photograph of our Sean happily waving the peace-sign from our Sally Louise; close on the wind and moving swiftly.

Rob Orlaske's photo.

Fare you well, our beloved Son.

Tom, Sally  and Brian Mawhinney, 4/21/16

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5 Responses to “Our Wonderful Son Has Passed”

  1. Edd Koch Says:

    DEAR TOM AND SALLY; my heart goes out to both of you. One of the hardest lessons of life is it to lose a child. I know that Sean was not a child except to his parents but age means nothing to parents. May Sally and you someday enjoy the sunsets on the lake and fondly remember the great gift that you enjoyed for 46 years. Stay strong my friend, we are here for you and our love is what we send. May the good Lord bless and keep you. YOUR OLD FRIEND, EDD KOCH


  2. marilyn trudeau Says:

    Dear Sally and Tom,We are so sorry for your loss.  Your son sounded like the most wonderful person and we pray that God’s grace will help you during these heart wrenching times.  Your parents are right- life isn’t easy and we pray that your faith will give you perspective and solace.Bless you and your family,Marilyn(Hauch) and Al trudeau  


  3. Sandie Schmidtke Criddle Says:

    May the Lord be with you and your family through this difficult time. Our prayers are with you. God bless


  4. Ginger Krueger Says:

    Tom, Sally and Brian,

    Our most sincere sympathy for your unexpected loss. We will keep you and Tom’s children in our prayers.

    Ginger and Patrick Krueger
    1611 Dorwood Drive


  5. tom barton Says:

    Our thoughts, prayers and love is with you and your family!

    “What a long strange trip it’s been”

    God Bless!


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