A Real vs. Fake Commander-in-Chief!

A Real vs. Fake Commander-in-Chief!

Feast your eyes on a real Commander-in-Chief!

Now, view America’s fake Commander-in-Chief in action.
   These are the images and actions of our Commander-in-Socialist/Marxist Chief Traitor who despises our military and has has decimated it to Pre-WW II levels of readiness and capability. Obama has engineered all of this at a time of rising threats from North Korea, Russia, Iran and the ongoing WWIII against ISIS.  His goal was to “Transform” (read DESTROY) America and he has nearly done so.
    Obama made a Marine hold an umbrella over his head.  Obama showed no respect to this man or his uniform.


Obama disgracefully saluted a Marine with Coffee cup in hand


On August 5th 2014 Barack Obama played a game of golf and did not attend the funeral of Major General Harold Greene. General Greene was the highest ranking officer to be killed in combat since the Vietnam war.


Obama did not salute a Marine as he got onto Marine One. The pilot appeared to remind him to do so. Obama never saluted the Marine, but went back and shook his hand.


    If you are not yet convinced of Obama’s great disrespect of America’s military, please review the many things that his policies have actually accomplished  in his quest to destroy America’s military.
   America is now in enmeshed in WWIII and there is no way-out but to reconstruct our once unparalleled military, as well as our American social and economic infrastructure that supports it.
   Wake-Up America! 
   Vote for very strong Constitutional Conservatives in all upcoming elections. Fail in this and what was once known as Western Civilization, along with its American pinnacle, will fade to history.
   Fail to do this and there will certainly be catastrophic consequences for you and your loved ones.
   V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/15/16
P.S. Thanks to Vic Palenske for sending me important elements of this blog.

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