The Big Lie: “Islam Is Peace”

The Big Lie: “Islam Is Peace”

How could anyone keep their temper and a straight face when they hear this stinking dirty lie?!

The phrase, “Islam is Peace”, is B.S..

I am certain that this is propaganda spread by Islamists, progressive/socialists and anarchists who wish to destroy all vestiges of Western Civilization, and replace them with their own fantasies of “utopias on earth”. The “utopias” that in history have only lead to epochs of death and destruction.

Their work is nearly complete in Europe and now they will focus more heavily on America.

Wake-Up America!

You must view this near countless compendium of Islamic terrorist atrocities both recently and over many years.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 44/16

P.S. 1, Be sure to inspect the methodology of the construction of these listings. They have done the best they reasonably can to be accurate.

P.S. Thanks again to John Plume for bringing this website to my attention.

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