Obama Destroys America’s Military

Obama Destroys America’s Military

Obama has done his best to destroy America’s military. Those who think that he is doing this for “our own good” or perhaps the “good of the world”, must still be searching for the tooth fairy.

Obama promised to “Transform America” during his first Presidential run. That phrase is well known to progressive socialists, Marxist revolutionaries and anarchists around the world. It is “code” for destroying traditional Western Civilizations and replacing them with socialism. Between this crew and their cooperative relationship with Radical Islam, they are making great progress.

The low-information crowd, fools and rank progressive/socialists among us elected Obama, not once but twice. Many conservatives and others continue to underestimate him. Guess what, he is not stupid or inexperienced, he has accomplished exactly what he set-out to do!

It is just this simple: Destroy our military and the world will destroy us.

Our traitorous “Commander in Chief” knew this and his “Transformation of America” is now nearing completion.

The following is a synopsis of a 4/1/16 Fox News report on the debilitated state of America’s military, thanks to President Obama. Yes, it was aired on April Fool’s Day…and we Americans are the fools.

Please tollerate the brief ad that precedes this video. You must see what Obama has done to America’s military, below.


Now, just to further validate the point of this blog, the following additional video appears to show our so-called “Commander-in-Chief disrespecting a Marine, who stands as a symbolic representative of America’s military. Watch as the military pilot of Obama’s  helicopter appears to instruct Obama to go back and show respect to the Marine.

Obama has often disrespected our military. For more confirming evidence, please read the following very short report and view the riveting video:


Do not think, for a second, that Obama is unaware of the Presidential protocol for responding to a military salute to him. Given the Presidential core of advisors on protocol, that cannot be true.

Obama has nearly destroyed America. Now the America’s vote will soon determine if Socialists Clinton or Sanders will complete the job.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/2/16

P.S., Thanks to John Plume for alerting me to the last video.

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