“The Brit” On Trump and Muslim Immigration

“The Brit” On Trump and Muslim Immigration

Look-out for “The Brit”! He will rub our noses in reality and it is not a pretty picture.

I love the old saying: “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable!”

The Brit also hits very close to another interestingly related topic: One of  Sigmund Freud’s well-known “Ego Defense Mechanisms” is what he called DENIAL.

Freud realized that his patients often refused to recognize bad and threatening things that happened, or were likely to happen to them. Freud concluded that perceptions and thoughts of such things were consigned to the patient’s unconscious in order to protect them from stress and anxiety.  He assumed that individuals had an automatic, unconscious ability, to do this and he called it Repression. He also noted that some of his patients had been aware of various pains or threats in their lives and they appeared to purposefully not think about. He called this “purposeful forgetting”  about such threats to their emotional comfort, “Suppression”. 

Freud used the word “Neurotic” (a word now seldom used) to  describe his patients who were emotionally troubled and behaving maladaptively ways because they defended against anxiety by simply denying and refusing to deal with reality. The result of the overuse of denial to cope with stressful events meant that his patients were suffering from never-ending emotional problems and behaviors that harmed their health and destroyed relationships with others.

I believe that Freud’s defense mechanism of denial is very real and that it not only can be seen in individuals, but it is easily observed in whole societies of people.

The actual causes of such self-defeating behavior patterns can be very complex; involving biogenetic predispositions, modeling and imitation, social contingencies of punishment and reinforcement, religious and political ideology, economics and probably more.

Never-the-less, the denial of reality and the protection of ourselves from fear and anxiety undoubtedly plays into what is Europe’s and America’s astonishing failure to adequately address and cope with a very fearful reality. That reality is the savage, pitiless, bloody and horrifically murderous war against the world of innocent “infidels” perpetrated in the name of Islam.

Grow-Up America!

Deal with the real world and you might survive.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/24/16

P.S., Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this timely video to  me.

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