Obama Plan: Transform America to Islam!

Obama Plan: Transform America to Islam!

When Obama declared that America was not a Christian Nation, he was wrong.  He was simply stating his intentions.

All of the evidence that I am aware of, based upon his own Islam-favoring Presidential actions have convinced me of this.

This is, along with his other open border policies, part of his perfect plan to destroy America. It is not possible for anyone to make so many America-damaging decisions by accident. Obama is not stupid, his consistent behavior patterns are goal-oriented.

Obama is the genius of America’s undoing.

See the Islamic havoc unleashed by Obama. Take time to explore the right-column information listed about the consequences of Islamic immigration to the host communities.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/19/16

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One Response to “Obama Plan: Transform America to Islam!”

  1. jkplume Says:

    You wonder why I am voting for Trump?


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