Congress Is Suicidal for Lawful Reasons

Congress Is Suicidal for Lawful Reasons

If you have not seen my 3/12/16 blog, it is important that you do so in order to understand my concerns addressed in this writing. Yesterday’s blog is entitled “America’s Death by Immigration”.

As the video in this blog shows that Congress is allowing the legal immigration of millions of people yearly.. more than any society on earth can possibly assimilate and financially accommodate without its own destruction.

In the not to-distant future America will be overwhelmed by an avalanche of unsustainable population growth.

While this is exactly the kind of self-defeating behavior that radical liberals, I.e., so-called Progressives are guilty of, it is essential to recognize that this self-destructive flood of legal immigrants has been perpetuated by both Democrats and Republicans.

It should be chilling to note that the mathematical demonstration visually illustrated in yesterday’s video did not include illegal immigrants that have been flooding our borders for years! Again, neither Democrats or Republicans have done anything to stem this flood of immigrants.

Any fool should know that no society can continue this pattern without destroying itself in due time. Therefore, nothing about this Congressional suicidal behavior pattern makes any sense.

Or, does it?

There is an old saying: “If you do not understand some social/political event, follow the money!”

While I am certain that big money is wrapped-up in America’s obviously suicidal immigration policies, there is more to this “clinical” picture. Perhaps we could alter the “old saying” in order to more clearly see some significant components of the dynamics of America’s own doom by immigration.

Try this: “If you do not understand some social/political event, follow the growth or maintenance of money and political power!

There are likely other factors involved and a full explanation is almost certainly more complex than the one I am presenting. However, I believe the following factors are powerful motivating factors that are being overlooked by a large proportion of America’s electorate.

It is politically axiomatic that the party who supports immigration and free stuff for immigrants, legal or not, will gain the votes of this population and is therefore more likely to stay in power longer. The longer politicians stay in power, generally, the more wealthy they become and the more power they can accumulate and wield to keep this positive self-feeding cycle going. This can be viewed as a powerful multifaceted cycle of positively reinforced behavior that is very beneficial to politicians in the short-term and intermediate future.

But what about the party that is “out-of-power”? That is, the party whose politicians that may not control the Presidency and/or Congress. One might naively think that they would put-a-stop to America’s crazy immigration policies. Yet, this is not what has happened.

So, as usual, B.S. walks and behavior talks!

It would appear that the minority political parties, through time, understand very well that if they oppose the crazy immigration policies, they will loose votes and with that will come the fear of ever again regaining the lead power position over their competition. The out-0f-power party is primarily concerned with escaping and/or avoiding the loss of voters and so does little or nothing to stem the increasingly lethal flood of immigrants into America.

Technically speaking, the motivational forces of both positive and negative reinforcement are intricately involved in Congress’s amazingly self defeating behavior.

There is at least one more factor that I hinted at near the beginning of this writing. The positive and negative reinforcement (escape) and the avoidance of the loss of positive reinforcers (votes and power) occur in the very near and intermediate future for the politicians. This means that they will more powerfully control the behaviors of the politicians.

Regrettably, the aversive or punishing consequences that will arrive as consequences for voters tolerating such irresponsible behaviors by their political representatives will build gradually and they will first impact other distant sections of society (I.e., “its happening to someone else”). Another component of this lethal trap for America is that the aversive/punishing consequences of these political actions will impact a greater proportion of our citizens in the distant future, a distant future that does not control population behavior very well in the present!

Scientifically validated principles of human behavior are like nuclear energy. They can he harnessed for great good or mismanaged with calamitous results.

The longer politicians remain in office, the more power they accumulate, the wealthier they become and the more prone they are to crony capitalism.

An important step in the direction of reducing these governmental destructive tendencies will be to impose term-limits on Congressional politicians.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/13/16



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